Cos Finds

Cos Finds are presented by Jumirr

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Cos Finds

Cos Finds are presented by Jumirr.  Cos is a Stockholm Brand known for its signature single-tone wardrobe essentials that epitomize Scandinavian minimalism, COS, short for “Collection of Style”, offers collections that are characterized by voluminous and sharply cut basics. These provide the wearer with understatedly elegant wardrobe essentials. COS, founded by H&M chairman Karl-Johan Persson, offers mid-priced men’s and women’s clothing. From essential basics to striking individual pieces, COS offers a wide range of clothing, including shirts, dresses, trousers, outerwear, shoes, bags, and more. Form and function merge in each item, embodying the brand’s commitment to sustainable and lasting style. COS’ Beginnings and Growing Global Presence

COS made its debut in 2007 with a fashion show at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. In the same year, COS opened its first store on Regent Street, a major shopping street that is home to numerous flagship stores and renowned fashion boutiques in the West End of the British capital.

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